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Reverend Ellen Bourn’s expertise is world-renowned. Discovering her Gifts as a child, she has spent her life expanding and honing them. She is the former President of Lily Dale and founded the “Light of Truth Church” in Buffalo, NY. She’s also an R.N., Medium, Kabbalist, Tarot expert, Reiki Master and Homeopath, providing healing insights and touching lives all over the world.

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Ellen Bourn - Tarot: An Astrological and Kabbalistic Perspective

  • Many are drawn to the Tarot cards’ renowned power to predict the future. One fact is undeniable: the Tarot is one of the most enduring and mysterious creations of all time. Join Rev. Ellen Bourn for a new perspective of the Tarot using Astrological and Kabbalistic principles to discern the deeper meanings of the cards.

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