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The Speakers

Meet our speakers for 
tac 2024


Rev. Ellen Bourn

Medium, Psychic, Master Astrologer, Homeopath

Reverend Ellen Bourn’s expertise is world-renowned. Discovering her Gifts as a child, she has spent her life expanding and honing them. She is the former President of Lily Dale and founded the “Light of Truth Church” in Buffalo, NY. She’s also an R.N., Medium, Kabbalist, Tarot expert, Reiki Master and Homeopath, providing healing insights and touching lives all over the world.

Marriage Indicators in Your Natal Chart

What are the components that draw two people together for a positive relationship?

We will evaluate natal charts, transits, and aspects between charts that indicate the possibility of a union of the mind, body or soul. What are the factors that contribute to stability, endurance and strength of a long-term relationship.

Please bring your birth chart and the chart of your partner to this lecture. We will also discuss how to attract a partner into your life if you do not have one.

Ellen Bourn
Catherine Urban

Catherine Urban



Master Astrologer


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With over 12 years of astrological immersion, Catherine’s
practice is steeped in classical, humanistic, mundane, and horary technique. Specializing in forecasting, Catherine empowers her clients to become alchemists of their own charts, while gaining confidence and clarity on their path.

Catherine is a mama, mage and author of Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign. Read more of Catherine’s writings on all platforms @astrocatherine or

Pre-Conference Workshop:

Amplifying Annual Profections

Annual Profections are an ancient time lord system which help us identify stand-out themes in a year-ahead forecast – and they are super simple to use! Let’s break down how we extract these layers from the natal chart and apply them in our predictions to empower our clients.

Illuminating the Solar Return

Have you ever wondered how to squeeze more accuracy out of the solar return chart? Astrologers from the medieval era provided a sophisticated approach to delineating the “birthday chart.” Here are some helpful angles to help you elevate your solar return interpretations.

Dawn Silver

Dawn Silver

 Astrologer, Naprapath, Crystal Healer, Herbalist

Dawn Silver is the author of Jewels of the Lotus  and Tibetan Gemstone Oracle, recipient of the Visionary Arts Award, & Healing Earth Resources founder.
She is a Naprapath, Astrologer, Herbalist, Crystal Healer and Aromatherapist. She has lectured internationally on Crystal Healing, Astrology, Holistic Nutrition and Consciousness for SpiritHeart cruises, IANDS, Lightworkers, Golden Pyramid, Global Consciousness, SOTA, NCGR and TAC.

Illuminating the Gifts of Perception from your Chart

Are your naturally leanings philosophically-based, psychic impressions including channeling, mediumship and dreams, intuitive flashes or time-tested sage wisdom? Using planets, signs & houses, midpoints, fixed stars, asteroids, trans-Neptunian points, and the upcoming transits of the outer planets will show you how you roll! Bring your chart!

Sky of Jewels & Sea of Pearls: Astrology and Gemstone Folklore

The Lores of Ancient Astrologers have often included the ritualistic uses of Gemstones for healing and protection. Cultures such as Assyria, Babylonian, Medieval, Vedic, Egyptian, Persia, Indigenous and others have embraced notable mystics who prescribed Astrological remedies. Bring your chart!

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Pam Gallgher
Astrologer Writing Natal Chart




Master Astrologer, Interfaith Minister

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Pam has over 40 years of experience practicing, studying and teaching astrology and is an interfaith minister. She opened and directs the Midwest School of Astrology where she is well-loved as a teacher. She sits on the board of the Avalon School of Astrology and has lectured at the Kepler Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. 

"Hot Spots": Are We Looking at the Fulcrum of Change into the New Age?

We will look at the outer planet indicators and critical aspects between them in current time. Also, big cycles and cycle shifts – going back in time!
What are the critical degrees in the zodiac?
What do eclipse patterns tell us and do they activate for timing in the world and in your chart?
What is Pluto’s impact on the big picture and on your chart?
How do outer planet midpoints show up in the BIG change?
Most importantly, where do the “hot spots” show up in your chart? How are you responding to the New Vibrational “Call”?

Post-Conference Workshop:

Past Lives, the Present, and the Future: What is the Connection?

Learn how being more familiar with the past life history of your chart can help deepen your self-awareness. This information may inspire you to make better choices for yourself. Past life patterns can be very influential in how you design your future; identify which houses show past connections and which planets are guiding your Soul choices. This New Age is bringing many changes- gain more knowledge about how to adjust your habits and patterns for more success going forward!

Michael Barwick

Michael Barwick

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Professional Astrologer

Michael Barwick is a professional astrologer with 30+ years of experience in the field. He maintains a practice centered in Toronto, Canada, is an international speaker, and teaches astrology. Personally, and professionally, Michael sees astrology as a powerful tool for self-understanding, empowerment, and authentic living. Using both modern and classical techniques, Michael provides astrological services to empower clients to make more creative and conscious choices. 

Celestial Superpowers: Transforming Fixed Stars in Natal Astrology

Fixed stars once played a major role in astrology. Despite astrology literally meaning "study of the stars"; today, many astrologers view the fixed stars as add-ons or dismiss their significance altogether.
Psychological astrology is largely mute regarding their influence. Even some traditional astrologers have asserted they have no meaning in natal astrology. In this talk, Michael explores theoretical approaches to integrating the fixed stars from a psychological and spiritual perspective and presents illustrative

Amplifying Astrology with Alchemy: The Starry Path to Gold from

While contemporary mainstream thinking relegates them to merely precursors to the so-called superior modern chemistry and astronomy, astrology and alchemy traditionally were complementary disciplines that shared a paradigm in which matter, and consciousness, are unified. For alchemists, knowledge of astrology was vital for identifying the moments when key alchemical operations could be performed.
Join Michael as he discusses the connections between astrology and alchemy to better understand and manage heavier natal and predictive considerations.

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SuzyWoo 1121_edited.jpg


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International Healer, Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Sound Healing Practitioner

Suzy Woo is an international healer, astrologer, psychic medium and sound healing practitioner with a private practice in Ellicottville, NY. She brings her enthusiastic energy around the world with her signature demonstrations, workshops, classes and retreats.    

Elementally Speaking

Why would a person not at all relate to their sign? You’re out of your element! In this introductory class, we will learn how to understand a chart using the elements. Elements can clash, or complement one another. Find out through a fun, simple survey, your strongest and least strong element. We then will go through all 12 signs by element to reveal the "high road" expression, the "low road" expression, and things to bring into your life to help bring your elements into balance, to create harmony,  success and happiness in your life!

Plugging into the Planets, Quantumly

In this lively, experiential workshop, you will learn about the quantum qualities, and then experience that quality of a planet as a wave and a particle. Receive quantum planetary “language” and quantum healing from the planets in real time.  It is amazing that you will be able to differentiate each one, in your mind’s eye, and palpably in your body. Presentation concludes with a full-on planetary immersion: all the planets will “play their frequencies” simultaneously; and you will receive deep quantum clearing and high-level quantum understanding directly from the planets themselves!  A workshop you will NEVER forget.

Suzy Woo
Diane Trimbath
dianetrimbath (2)_edited.jpg


Astrologer, Lecturer,
Graphic Design Professional

Diane is a professional Astrologer in Cleveland, Ohio and holds a Level IV Certification through the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).
She has been teaching 3 online programs since 2017: ‘An Astrological Look Ahead Monthly Series’ through the IAA International Academy of Astrology, Planetary Highlights, offered through Lake County Astrological Association
(LCAA), and Star Notes, offered through J&J Productions/Chakras Root to Crown.
Diane has been an invited speaker for LCAA, GLAC (Great Lakes Astrology Conference), NCGR, OPA and TAG (The Astrology Gathering) astrological events. She has published articles in NCGR Syzygy Research Journal 2022 and OPA ‘The
Evolving Astrologer’ in 2022-23. She is President of LCAA Board in Willoughby Hills, OH.
Diane holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Kent State University, and is founder and Creative Director of her Marketing Communications Firm in Cleveland, Ohio since 1989. Diane can be reached at 216-401-9601 or

Heliocentric Planetary Nodes

The significance of the heliocentric planetary nodes are very important in mundane astrology, strongly influencing critical world events. People who influence the collective have planets and points on these powerful planetary nodes in their birth charts too. Learn of the strength and interpretation of these key degrees that contain the essence of the planetary archetypes themselves. Find out how they express through people and events that are shaping our world at large. Are you one of them?

2024-2026: The Great Initiation

After 5 years of turbulent changes for all, a great collective awakening is in store as the North American Solar Eclipses and Great Conjunctions set the stage for a new agenda. In addition, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon’s Nodes
are all shifting signs! Major change, exciting innovations in consciousness, vision, technology and communications lie ahead. 2024-2026 holds the promise for a completely new understanding of who we are and what we can create.

Zodiac Chart
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Joseph Canepa

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Astrologer, Lecturer, Teacher

Joe has a JD/MSW from the University at Buffalo. He is an ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek. After practicing law for almost 10 years, he became a Reiki Master and astrologer while pursuing a new path in mediation and social work. His healing practice integrates mind, body, heart, and spirit with his diverse educational and work experiences.

Astrology, Myth, and Healing with Narrative

In this lecture, we’ll explore the intersection between astrology and psychology, including the works of CG Jung, Joseph Campbell, and contemporary narrative therapists. And we’ll explore the potential for astrologers today to utilize their work to help guide their clients to enhanced mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Joseph Canepa
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Medium, Astrology Practitioner, Massage Therapist

Cassandra Joan Butler, MS, LMT is a medium and noted practitioner of astrology, spiritual development and massage. She has lectured at UAC, SOTA, the Kepler Conference, and Lily Dale Assembly. She blends astrology with a healing ministry. She is the president of the NCGR Buffalo NY Chapter and writes for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency’ an international astrology website. 

Luncheon Lecture:

Pluto in Aquarius: AI, Bots, and the New Human

As we navigate the next 20 years in Aquarius we will collectively and individually experience a dizzying uptake in technology, especially within the realm of daily activities. The shadow side of this exciting period is the dehumanization of ‘humans.’ During this workshop, Cassandra Joan Butler will review the opportunities and the pitfalls of Pluto in Aquarius. How will you transform over the next twenty years? Explore Pluto in Aquarius to find out.

The Pluto-Neptune Cycle: The Birth and unfolding of Psychic Superpowers 

The dance of Neptune and Pluto is a remarkable one. The cycle lasts for 495 years, with this present cycle commencing in 1892 with the conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in Gemini. What is the relationship between Neptune and Pluto in your chart? Many Individuals born between 1950 and 2026 will have the psychic-superpower sextile of Pluto and Neptune in the charts. This workshop will do a deep dive into how the blending of Pluto and Neptune lends itself to a quest for the divine collectively and for the individual.

Rainbow Astro.png
Cassandra Joan Butler
Astronomical Clock

Franco Minatel

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Astrologer, Mechanical Engineer, Musician, Omnimancer, Energy Worker

Franco is a Renaissance Man: Astrologer, mechanical engineer, musician, a runner, omnimancer, and energy worker. He has spoken at various Astrology conferences in North America, Italy and India. He has been published in various publications including the Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope and the Well Being Journal. He is the co-director of Alphee Lavoie’s Astrological Investigators. 

Birthtime Rectification Techniques

A client gives you a birth time, and you give them a reading based on that birth time. This is fine if you are doing a character assessment, but the Ascendant can change one degree every four minutes. That could throw your predictive timing off by one year. After working with Alphee Lavoie, I now rectify clients’ charts prior to reading them to provide a more accurate reading. We will go through the techniques and emphasize the importance of rectifying charts.

Changing Landscapes

As the director of the Astro Investigators, Franco has looked into earthquakes in Turkey and Japan. What are some of the astrological signatures that indicate there could be an earthquake? Join Franco on this exploratory journey on shaky ground using the astrological lens!

Franco Minatel
victoria smoot pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Astrologer, Teacher, Writer

Victoria F. Smoot has practiced astrology since the early 1970s along with teaching, writing, design, and editing ISAR’s journal, The International Astrologer. In 2010 she joined ISAR and became an ISAR CAP. Now she is a Consulting Skills trainer, Competency Exam proctor, and Vice-President of certifying organization CAPISAR, for ISAR.

Venus Unchained

How can we fully interpret the influence of Venus as long as it is bound to gender-based narratives? This is far more than a feminine and/or materialist issue. In a distinctly Aquarian Consciousness era, the issues of equanimity and rights of living Human on our planet-- call for a correction. Old comfortable and habitual keywords and phrases can hold Astrologers back from seeing and using the power for solutions from Venus Mind that we need for an endangered Earth. For Venus, it means deserved authority and respect in solving human changes and crises moving forward with a deeper orientation.

This applies for:

• authentic and equitable communications in any relationship

• sensitivity that fosters both self-appreciation with adaptation to life path changes,

• unconditional positive regard for both instincts and intellect in self and others

• a more holistic approach to planetary issues of survival and peace

Sensitive Points in the Chart

There are numerous points in the Natal Chart already there where the planets may be sitting at the time of birth, and where transiting and progressing luminaries and planets touch or position themselves for a time. These are points that intensify the nature of the object and focus on important issues and experiences that are embedded in your Natal Chart. To know where these sensitive points are can help in the adventure of developing and understanding yourself in a more Aquarian way. They are called Critical Degrees, and the Station Points of the planets in direct and retrograde movement are interesting to follow.

Victoria Smoot
Richard Smoot-use_edited.jpg


Astrologer, ISAR Operations Manager, Instructor

A professional astrologer for over 50 years, Richard Smoot, has provided direct services and research tools to astrologers and organizations. Richard’s aim is to guide astrologers to their highest professional level through education, publishing, and training. Richard is the recipient of the UAC 2018 Regulus Award for Community Service.

Relationships: Reflections of Ourselves

Higher Consciousness was spoken about by the famed psychiatrist CG Jung. In Astrology, I have found that we are social animals. Our life is rarely in isolation and seems always connected by the people around us. Humans bond with others for companionship, friendship, and often love and union. It is often said that we are mirrors and reflections of ourselves placed on another. In this lecture, we will explore the astrological concepts and a seldom-used technique that describes the dynamic nature found in relationships when Antiscia and natal planets interact.

Luncheon Lecture:

Behind the Chart: First Impression Horoscope Judgements

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, it is a good time to take stock of the roots of our independence and freedom to discover ourselves. In this lecture, we will study the chart of a celebrity and discover the basic techniques used to gain an understanding of the person ‘behind the chart’. First-impression judgments of a horoscope can provide the answers you need to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Richard Smoot

Aerin Fogel

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Astrologer, Core Pattern Reader, Tarot Practicioner

Aerin Fogel is a Toronto-based core pattern reader, astrologer, and tarot reader. She has been practicing professionally with clients since 2012 through one on one readings, lectures, and workshops. Aerin has spoken for Kepler College, Canadian Astrology Conference, ConVocation, and Astrology Toronto, has had several appearances on The Astrology Podcast, and has written for The Mountain Astrologer. Aerin was also the occult consultant on The Craft: Legacy. She strives to work from an integrated, trauma-informed perspective, centring the uniqueness and gifts of all individuals. In addition to her esoteric work she plays in her band Queen Of Swords, and was the founder and long-time Artistic Director for Toronto's Venus Fest.

Intergenerational Healing through Astrology 

In this lecture I will introduce my practice of using astrology as a tool for intergenerational healing. We will explore themes around epigenetics, trauma, intergenerational connection, and more, and use the Greek and Roman astrological myths as a foundation for intergenerational theory. We will have a look at some significant mundane astrology cycles that have led to great challenges and progress between generations, and provide a foundation from which participants can begin to work with these themes in their own charts and lives. 

The Houses as Realms of the Heavens and the Underworld

In this lecture, we will explore the 12 houses of the astrological wheel as realms of lived experience, using a mythic framework. Tracing the journey from the Gate Of Hades all the way down through the underworld and back up to Mount Olympus again, we will understand the natural progression and relationship between each house, and how we can use this symbolic journey to enhance the 12 different areas of our lives. We will also use the planetary joys to understand the innate expression of the houses and the relationship between guardians at the gate, and the pleasures therein.

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Aerin Fogel
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