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Cassandra Joan Butler, MS, LMT is a medium and noted practitioner of astrology, spiritual development and massage. She has lectured at UAC, SOTA, the Kepler Conference, and Lily Dale Assembly. She blends astrology with a healing ministry. She is the president of the NCGR Buffalo NY Chapter and writes for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency’ an international astrology website. 

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Cassandra Joan Butler - Building From the Ground Up: Saturn/Uranus Square

  • The Saturn/Uranus square is in full swing during TAG, peaking in early October 2022. This revolutionary aspect speaks of embracing the new technologies while still rendering a sense of grounding security. The square activates our individual natal charts in an urgent way; to build a new foundation in our lives wherever we find Aquarius and Taurus. Join Cassandra Joan Butler as she illustrates the present world crisis under the larger context of the Saturn Uranus cycle, past and present.

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