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Reverend Ellen Bourn’s expertise is world-renowned. Discovering her Gifts as a child, she has spent her life expanding and honing them. She is the former President of Lily Dale and founded the “Light of Truth Church” in Buffalo, NY. She’s also an R.N., Medium, Kabbalist, Tarot expert, Reiki Master and Homeopath, providing healing insights and touching lives all over the world.

For more about Rev. Ellen, please visit her website at


Ellen Bourn - Palmistry and Astrology: Your Astrological Chart is in Your Hands

  • Join Rev. Ellen Bourn for a lecture exploring the ancient art of Palmistry. Did you know that the lines, mounds, and fingers are named for the planets? The connections between your hands and Astrology chart are remarkable. Palmistry can add another dimension to your Readings. Learn what your palms indicate about your personality and your future.

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